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Zika virus in India: Maharashtra (Update 1)

05 Jul 2024

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India have reported eight Zika cases in the first six months of 2024 from Maharashtra state. The cases were reported in Pune (6), Kolhapur (1) and Sangamner (1) districts. Surveillance and mosquito control activities are ongoing.

Zika virus infection is caused by the Zika virus (ZIKV). It is spread mainly by mosquito bites and less commonly from having sex without a condom. The infection is usually mild, but in pregnancy may cause serious problems in the unborn baby.

Advice to travellers

The type of mosquitoes which transmit ZIKV, are particularly persistent and aggressive biters. They bite during the day between dawn and dusk. If you are travelling to a country that has reported ZIKV infection, you must consider:

  • avoiding mosquito bites, especially if you are pregnant or planning pregnancy
  • using condoms and contraception if you are sexually active during travel, and on your return home for 2 months (if you are female) or 3 months (if you are male): this is to avoid sexual transmission of ZIKV and the risk of ZIKV in pregnancy
  • travel insurance: if you are pregnant, check with your travel insurance company that you (and your baby) are covered under the policy before booking your trip, and be aware that the risk of ZIKV in any country may change during the time between planning your trip and travelling
  • checking the 'Alerts' section of the country page for your destination to see if there are any additional travel recommendations specifically for pregnant travellers, those who are planning pregnancy and for preventing onward sexual transmission

Also see the Zika Virus infection page for further information.