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Cyclosporiasis in Mexico

17 Aug 2023

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has reported an increase of cyclosporiasis in travellers returning from Mexico. Between 12 May and 14 August 2023, 48 cases were reported in England, Wales and Scotland. 

Most reported staying in different hotels in the Riviera Maya and Cancún regions of Mexico. Most reported consuming a wide variety of food and drink as part of an all-inclusive holiday package.

Cyclosporiasis is an infection causing diarrhoea and is caught from contaminated raw fruit and vegetables or water.

Advice for Travellers

Following safe food and water precautions during travel reduces your risk of infection. In particular:

  • drink only boiled or bottled water
  • be aware that cyclospora is not killed by most water purification tablets, portable filtration systems or disinfectants (including standard water chlorination)
  • avoid eating unpeeled raw fruit and vegetables, especially berries, herbs and salad leaves
  • be aware that washing food in drinking water is unlikely to remove all of the germs from fruit and vegetables

Cyclospora Advice for Travellers (pdf) contains useful advice on the infection

Also see the fitfortravel Cyclosporiasis page for further information.