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User feedback survey - final week

03 Nov 2022

Fitfortravel provides free up-to-date health information advising how best to stay healthy when travelling abroad.

Through fitfortravel, the Travel and International Health Team of Public Health Scotland (PHS) provide practical guidance aimed at protecting the health of the travelling public.

We are committed to continuous improvement and would appreciate your feedback to help us shape and inform future service provision.

We have prepared a short survey on your experience of using fitfortravel which you can access using this link.

The survey:

  • contains 10 multiple-choice questions
  • should take no more than 5 minutes to complete
  • needs to be completed only once
  • will be available for one more week, until Friday 11 November 2022

We urge you to take part so that we can consider your valued opinion, thank you.

The Travel and International Health Team