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Polio in Ukraine (Rivne)

11 Oct 2021

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has reported a case of polio in a young child in the Rivne area of western Ukraine. The child was unvaccinated against polio.  

The World Health Organization (WHO) are working closely with the health authorities in Ukraine to determine if there has been any local spread of polio amongst the local population.

Polio is extremely rare in Europe, although a small number of cases have occurred in Ukraine since 2010.

Advice for Travellers

Poliomyelitis is spread mainly through contact with the poo from an infected person and by eating or drinking contaminated food and water.

If you are planning to travel to Ukraine:

  • you should make sure you have had a minimum of 5 doses of a polio-containing vaccine in your lifetime
  • this should be documented in your medical notes held by your General practitioner
  • you should receive a dose of polio-containing vaccine if you have not had all 5 doses

For further information see the fitfortravel Ukraine country page and Poliomyelitis page.