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Barmah Forest Virus in Australia (Tasmania)

18 Mar 2019

According to mediaLink Tasmanian health authorities have reported 5 confirmed cases of Barmah Forest virus (BFV) disease, with 2 cases still being investigated. Barmah Forest virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and occurs every year on the Australian mainland. However, this is the first time the virus has been identified in Tasmania.

Advice for Travellers

Barmah Forest virus is uncommon in travellers and causes symptoms that include rash, fever, joint and muscle pains, although severe illness is uncommon. The virus has been found only in Australia.

  • Travellers should be aware of the presence of BFV at their travel destination and practice good insect bite avoidance.
  • Warning notices in the media, during outbreaks and in high-risk areas, are given in Australia and should be heeded by travellers.

No vaccine is available and there is no specific treatment.