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Malaria in Colombia

11 Mar 2019

Health offcials are reporting a malaria outbreak on the Pacific coast of Cauca Province, Colombia. The outbreak has affected 322 people in the rural areas of Guapi and Timbiqui: (the towns of Calle larga, Belen, San Agustin, Pascualero, and Cascajero (in Guapi) and in the mining area of Santa Maria, Chacon Playa, and Coteje (in Timbiqui).

The outbreak area is classified as low to no risk for malaria on the Colombia malaria map. Mosquito bite avoidance remains the mainstay of prevention and antimalarials are not required for most travellers to this region. However, antimalarials may be considered for certain higher risk groups of traveller including longer stays in rural areas, visiting friends or relatives, those with medical conditions, immunosuppression or those without a spleen.