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Malaria in India - Mangaluru (Mangalore)

04 Jun 2018

Media reports Link say public health authorities in Mangaluru have declared 18 wards in the city to be  high malaria risk areas, where people are advised to take extra precautions against vector-borne diseases. The current situation has been exacerbated by heavy rains on 29 May 2018.

About 1 000 malaria cases have been reported in the surrounding Dakshin Kannada district between January and May this year, with more than 800 of these in Mangaluru city. Derebail North, Derebail East, Derebail West, Derebail South, Derebail South-West, Bejai, Mannagudda, Kodialbail, Kadri South, Central Market, Bander, Court, Port, Cantonment, Milagres, Hoige Bazar, Bengre and Attavar are high malaria risk areas of the city.

Advice for Travellers

Mangaluru lies within an area of high risk for malaria where antimalarial medication is advised.

Also, rigorous avoidance of mosquito bites at all times is strongly emphasized including dengue are present in the area.

For further information see Malaria.