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Polio in Pakistan (Balochistan)

30 May 2018

Local health authorities have reported a case of polio in Dukki district, Balochistan in recent days, according to media. The case is said to be an 18 month old child. This is the second case of polio in Balochistan in 2018.

Pakistan is one of the few countries where polio is still transmitted. This case does not indicate that the polio situation in the country is changing, but underlines the importance of vaccination for travellers to Pakistan.

Recommendations for travellers

Children normally receive polio vaccinations as part of the national schedule. Travellers should ensure that they have had a primary course of vaccine and receive a booster every 10 years if they are travelling to an area where diphtheria, tetanus or polio are considered high risk.

There may be additional requirements for travellers to endemic countries or countries reporting outbreaks (see individual country sheets for further information).

A combination vaccine called Revaxis is available to protect adults against diphtheria, tetanus and polio. 

For further information see Poliomyelitis.