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Alkhurma Haemorrhagic Fever in Saudi Arabia

04 Apr 2018

Media quoting the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health report an outbreak of Alkhurma haemorrhagic fever (AHF) in Jedda in recent weeks. No case numbers have been given.

AHF is a viral infection caused by a tick-borne flavivirus closely related to the one which causes Kyasanur forest disease in in India. Livestock including sheep, cattle and camels may be infected.

Symptoms of infection are similar to those seen in cases of dengue fever, with haemorrhagic symptoms resulting in some cases.

Advice for Travellers

There is no specific vaccine or treatment for AHF.  In areas where AHF occurs, it is important to avoid tick bites. Also, contact with livestock should be limited. Contact with blood or other body fluids of animals should be avoided.