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Commonwealth Games 2018

28 Mar 2018

The 2018 Commonweath Games will take place from 4 – 15 April 2018 in the Australia Gold Coast. Events will take place at venues on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns.

Considerations for UK travellers going to the event:

  • Getting there – visitors should prepare for the long haul flight to Australia. Breaking the journey up with a stop-over may be advisable. Travellers should check any stop-over destinations for any additional travel advice. See the following for advice: Air Travel and Deep Vein Thrombosis.
  • Climate – the Gold Coast has a sub-tropical climate. April is Autumn with average temperatures between 18 – 25 degrees C. It rains more often in autumn and summer than winter and spring.
  • Sun protection – a daily UV index forecast can be obtained from daily weather reports. Protection with SPF30+ sunscreen, clothing, hat and sunglasses is advised especially when outdoors for prolonged periods, see sun exposure.
  • Immunisations – UK travellers are advised to ensure that UK National schedule vaccines are up to date.
  • Malaria is not normally present but dengue is present on the Gold Coast and all travellers are advised to take mosquito bite precautions at all times of the day.