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Plague in the USA (New Mexico)

07 Jun 2017

The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) reports the first human case of plague in New Mexico this year. The case is a 63 year old man in Santa Fe County whose home is being investigating for risks of infection. Department of Health staff are providing public information on reducing risk of infection in the affected man's neighbourhood.   

Advice to travellers

The risk to the majority of travellers, even those visiting endemic regions, is low.  

  • Travellers visiting rural areas in endemic regions during ongoing outbreaks should be made aware of the risk of plague.
  • The risk will be highest in those who are camping, staying in very basic accommodation, hunting or who may have close contact with local wildlife, particularly rodents. 
  • Such individuals should practice good insect bite avoidance and avoid close contact with sick or dead animals.

There is no commercially available vaccine against plague.