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Rabies (Human Exposure) in Indonesia (Bali)

26 Jan 2016

The media have reported that two local children in Bali, Indonesia are undergoing rabies post-exposure treatment following bites from two dogs that tested positive for rabies virus.

Both children are male and resident of Tabanan, West Bali province. The oldest who is 13 years-of-age was bitten on the thigh and is receiving post-exposure rabies vaccine only. The younger child who is 5 years-of-age was bitten on the head by a neighbour's dog, is receiving full rabies treatment; rabies vaccine plus rabies immunoglobulin.

In Bali, rabies immunoglobulin is dispensed selectively due to its scarcity and is reserved for higher risk wounds such as those on the head, face and hands.

Advice for Travellers

Bali is a popular destination for UK travellers. The rabies situation is not yet under control in Bali and continues to pose a risk for travellers. Travellers should be made aware of the risk and avoid animal contact and report any bites promptly. Pre-exposure vaccination should be considered for those at risk.