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Typhoid Fever in Nepal

23 Jul 2015

The media has reported on typhoid cases in areas of Nepal that were affected by the recent earthquake. The monsoon season in the country runs from June to September and this often causes an increase in food and waterborne communicable diseases.

The Epidemiology and Diseases Control Division (EDCD) of the Ministry of Health has reported cases of typhoid in Batase, Sindupalchok, an area badly affected by the earthquake. The number of cases is not mentioned in this report. ECDC report that sporadic cases of typhoid and diarrhoea have been identified in other earthquake-affected districts, although these areas are not mentioned specifically in this report.

A medical team is in Sindupalchok where the community has been found to be using contaminiated river water and living in poor hygienic conditions. Those suffering from typhoid are receiving treatment and an awareness campaign is being carried out to advise local communities on ways to reduce the risk of communicable infections.

Advice for Travellers

Vaccination against typhoid is usually advised for all travellers to Nepal. Travellers should also maintain a high standard of food, water and personal hygiene at all times whilst travelling.