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Heatwave in India

02 Jun 2015

May and June are the hottest months in India and currrently the country is experiencing a heatwave with temperatures reaching 47°C and above, in some states.

The heatwave has resulted in a large number of fatalities from sunstroke and dehydration. The worst affected state is Andhra Pradesh in the southeast of the country with 1020 fatalities out of more than 1371 for India as a whole. Most of the fatalities are among the elderly and those labouring out of doors in high temperatures.

(Via Reuters - accessed 02/06/15)

Advice for Travellers

Travellers to India during the hottest months should take time to acclimatize, avoid going out in the mid-day sun and over exertion, seek shade and keep well hydrated. Particularly the elderly, pregnant women, small children and those with heart and lung conditions or diabetes.