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Rabies (Human Exposure) in Indonesia (Bali)

13 May 2015

An animal welfare charity in Bali, Indonesia has reported a shortage of rabies vaccine for human post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

Three individuals in the Badung regency in south Bali, began PEP after being bitten by a dog that proved to be infected with rabies virus. The hospital ran out of vaccine after the first dose of PEP was administered and the patients were advised to attend another hospital in the city of Denpasar which still had a limited supply of vaccine. Non governmental organisations are currently trying to source rabies vaccine from private clinics in order to complete the course of PEP for the three individuals concerned.

The media only reported that Badung regency had run out of rabies vaccine, however, the shortage appears to be island wide.

Advice for Travellers

The rabies situation has improved in Bali but remains an ongoing problem. The Badung regency includes the main tourist destinations of the island. Travellers should be aware of the risk in Bali and avoid animal contact and report any bites promptly. Pre-exposure vaccination should be considered for those at risk.