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Rabies (Human) in Nepal (Update)

20 Apr 2015

Since posting the outbreak item: Rabies (Human) in Nepal, on 16 April 2015, we have had personal communication with colleagues in Nepal which clarifies the availabillity of rabies immuno-globulin in the country.

Due to production problems in India, equine rabies immuno-globulin (ERIG) was unavailable in Nepal for 6 months. During the shortage, patients requiring rabies post-exposure immuno-globulin were referred to the CIWEC Clinic, Travel Medicine Centre in the capital Kathmandu. Staff at the CIWEC clinic were able to administer human rabies immuno-globulin (HRIG) to all of those who attended and they continue to have supplies of HRIG for use in travellers.

The CIWEC Clinic in Kathmandu is a long established and well recognised centre of excellence for travellers seeking among other things, post-exposure rabies prophylaxis.


Kathmandu Clinic, Tel: +977-1-4424111, 4424242, 4435232; Email: info@ciwec-clinic.com

Pokhara Clinic, Tel: +977-61-463082, 467053; Email: pkradministrator@ciwec-clinic.com