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Poliomyelitis in Pakistan (Update)

29 Dec 2014

In the past week, 8 new cases of poliomyelitis have been reported in Pakistan. The cases were identified in the following areas:

  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province - 2: Peshawar district (1) and Kohat, newly infected (1).
  • Balochistan province - 4: Nasirabad and Pishin districts, newly infected.
  • Sindh province - 2: Sanghar district (1) and Larakana, newly infected (1).

The total number of poliomyelitis cases in 2014, now stands at 291, this compares with 77 cases for the same time period in 2013.

Immunization activities are continuing, focusing on known high-risk areas, in previously inaccessible areas of FATA. At exit and entry points of conflict-affected areas 100 permanent vaccination points are being used to reach internally displaced families as they move in and out of the inaccessible area.

Advice for Travellers

It is recommended that travellers have a poliomyelitis booster (or course) if not already protected and take precautions with food, water and personal hygiene.