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WHO Delivers Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine to Ukraine

08 Oct 2014

The World Health Organisation has dispatched a second supply of medicines and vaccines to Kiev for use in the Donbas conflict zone, in the east of the country. The shipment includes 300 000 doses of tetanus toxoid (TT) vaccine, which should cover the demand until the end of 2015. The vaccine is intended for those injured in the conflict (more than 8332 wounded) and for routine immunisation of children and adults.

Prior to this delivery, tetanus toxoid vaccine was virtually unavailable in Ukraine. As a resultĀ of poor vaccine coverage in areas of conflict, steps should be taken to prevent maternal and neonatal tetanus by immunizing women of childbearing age and by improving the hygienic conditions in which women give birth.

Advice for Travellers

All travellers should ensure that they have received a full primary course of tetanus vaccine according to the UK national schedule. A booster is sometimes advised for travellers to Ukraine who may be unable to access medical facilities promptly in the event of injury if it has been more than 10 years since their last dose.