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Pneumonic Plague in Peru

20 Dec 2013

An outbreak of pneumonic plage has been reported from La Libertad region in northwestern Peru. Six confirmed cases including one death have been recorded. Of the confirmed cases, four were located in the province of Ascope. Laboratory results are awaited for six suspected cases.

Advice for Travellers

Plague is an infection of wild rodents and is transmitted by fleas to other animals and humans. The risk to travellers is generally low however, travel to plague endemic areas may be a risk, particularly if camping, hunting or having contact with rodents

In plague endemic areas contact with rodents should be discouraged. Travellers to these areas should be advised on how to store and dispose of food produce to prevent attraction to rodents. Avoidance of flea bites must be advised by use of repellents and insecticides. Travellers should also be discouraged from camping and handling rodents both dead or alive.