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Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage (Update)

30 Oct 2013

There is currently a worldwide shortage of yellow fever vaccine which is affecting the whole of the UK. Interruption to the normal supply of vaccine is expected to continue until January 2014.

As winter approaches and destinations such as the Gambia become popular for a seasonal break, the current shortage has implications for travellers.

Yellow fever vaccination is usually advised for travellers visiting Gambia, see the Gambia country record for further information. Travellers should be aware that yellow fever vaccine is not suitable for everyone e.g. pregnant women or those with immunosuppression due to a medical condition or treatment. These factors should be considered when choosing a holiday destination. Travellers to Gambia should discuss their trip with a healthcare professional as there are other health risks to consider e.g malaria.

Advice for Travellers

Present to your GP, Practice Nurse or travel health provider as far in advance of travel as possible, preferably 6-8 weeks. They will advise whether you may need yellow fever vaccination, and/or refer you to a YFVC if they are not registered to administer the vaccine themselves.

If you need to locate a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre: