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West Nile Fever in the United States of America

29 Aug 2013

The media has reported on human cases of West Nile fever in Larimer County, Colorada State, in the heart of southwest America. A total of 51 cases have been recorded as of 27 August 2013; 8 of the 51 cases are serious infections, including meninigitis.

Larimer County Health Department state that the infections were likely to have occurred between 3-4 ago prior to insecticide spraying in Fort Collins and Loveland. Health officials expect the recent steep rise in cases to fall from the month of September when the weather begins to cool and the mosquito population decreases.

Advice for Travellers

WNV is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito, therefore avoidance of mosquito bites is essential, by 'covering up' and the use of bite avoidance measures.