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Dengue Fever in Brazil (Update)

23 Jul 2013

As of 20 July 2013, several states of Mexico continue to report an increasing number of dengue fever cases.

Mato Grosso: 38 774 cases; municipalities most affected include Sinop 6024 cases, Rondonopolis 2986, Cuiaba 2983 and Varzea Grande 663 cases.

Minas Gerais: Belo Horizonte reports 65 264 cases, of those, 27 736 have been confirmed and there have been 9 associated deaths.

Parano: Londrina reports 5986 suspected cases with 1125 confirmed. Maringa reports 2698 cases and 2 deaths.

Rondonia: as of 1 Jul 2013, 10 775 cases have been reported, municipalities most affected are Porto Velho 729 cases, Espigao do Oeste 641 and Alvorada do Oeste 515 cases.

Sao Paulo: Ribeirao Preto reported 12 966 confirmed dengue fever cases. Sorocaba reports 708 cases and one death.

Advice for Travellers

Avoidance of mosquito bites, particularly during daylight hours, by covering up with clothing, the use of bite avoidance measures such as repellent and bed nets is advised. Elimination of breeding sites around hotel rooms/houses is advised for longer term stays.