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Rabies (Canine) in Spain (Update)

19 Jun 2013

Following further investigation into the movement of the dog involved in the recent rabies incident, the Spanish authorities have released information on the areas of increased rabies risk in Spain:

  • A perimeter of 20-km radius around the city of Toledo, province of Toledo, Autonomous Region of Castilla-La Mancha, central Spain.
  • The municipality of Monzón, province of Huesca, Autonomous Region of Aragón, northeast Spain.
  • The district of Sant Martí of Barcelona, northeast Spain.
  • The municipalities of Banyoles and Porqueres, province of Girona and Montcada i Reixach, Piera and province of Barcelona Autonomous Region of Catalonia, northeast Spain.

Advice for Travellers

Spain is classified as a no risk country for terrestrial rabies and the rabies advice is unchanged, apart from the areas with increased risk mentioned in this report.  Pre-exposure rabies vaccine is not recommended for most travellers to Spain.

Travellers to the areas with increased risk should be aware of the incident and avoid all animal contact. Any animal bites sustained should be reported promptly for medical assessment.