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Travel Health Guidance for Schools

11 Apr 2013

Enquiries to the Travel and International Health (T&IH) team at Health Protection Scotland (HPS) from excursion organisers and head teachers seeking guidance, highlight that there is often confusion regarding travel health preparation for school excursions.

This coupled with an increase in travel related illness such as travellers' diarrhoea and schistosomiasis in returning school parties suggests that there is a need for specific advice for schools.

In response to this, the T&IH team have produced the following guidance document:

The Guidance document is available to view or download from the General Travel Health Advice section of fitfortravel.

This guidance has been produced primarily for those planning school excursions abroad although much of the information and advice is also relevant to parents and pupils.

It is hoped that the guidance will soon be distributed to Scottish schools through the Scottish Government Educational networks. In the meantime it can be used by anyone advising school groups and can be sent direct to schools where appropriate. The advice is suitable for schools across the UK.