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Poliomyelitis in Nigeria (Update)

05 Dec 2012

Six new cases of poliomyelitis were reported in the past week (5 from Katsina and one from Borno), this brings the total number of cases for 2012 to 110. One of the cases from Katsina is the most recent in the country and had onset of paralysis on 4 November.

Katsina in the north of the country has now reported 32 cases; nearly one-third of Nigeria’s cases this year. The state has the most intense transmission of wild poliovirus in the world at present, accounting for more than 15% of all polio cases globally in 2012.

The new case in Borno in the north east of the country is the first since August 2012. Insecurity in Borno continues to complicate operations, and the proximity to Chad is cause for concern. In the past, polio from Borno has spread east into Chad and from there onwards.

Advice for Travellers

It is recommended that travellers have a poliomyelitis booster (or course) if not already protected and take precautions with food, water and personal hygiene.