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Cholera in Cuba (Update)

27 Nov 2012

The media has reported on the cholera situation in Cuba. According to unofficial sources the cholera outbreak that began in Granma province in July 2012, has now spread to the provinces of Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo, Holguin, Mayabeque and Las Tunas in the eastern zone of the island. This has not been confirmed by the government.

In Guantanamo province, around 206 suspected cholera cases have been reported. In Santiago de Cuba province, more than 50 suspected cholera cases have been admitted to hospital and more than 200 confirmed cases have been reported in the villages of Maya and San Luis in the last few weeks. At least 15 suspected cases of cholera are in hospital in Las Tunas province and on the 18 November 2012, several cholera cases were reported from Mayabeque province. At least 15 suspected cases have been reported in the municipalities of  Sagua de Tanamo, Hoguin and Moa, Holguin province.

The spread of cholera has been blamed in part to the increased wet conditions following Hurricane Sandy, which badly affected the east zone of the island earlier this month.

Advice for Travellers

Cholera risk outwith the outbreak area is negligible for travellers. All travellers should continue to practise strict food and water hygiene and wash their hands frequently, especially before eating.