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Dengue Fever in Madeira (Portugal) (Update)

07 Nov 2012

New cases of dengue fever continue to be reported from the island of Madeira since the outbreak was first identified on 3 October 2012.

Importantly, dengue fever has recently been confirmed in European travellers returning from Madeira who were likely to have been infected during their stay on the island: France (2), Sweden (1) and the United Kingdom (1).

Today, Wednesday 7 November 2012, the media reported on further cases of dengue fever in UK travellers visiting the island of Madeira. Around six suspected cases have been reported in Madeira and official confirmation of this media report is awaited.

In the last update the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) advises that further cases may be expected in the coming weeks.

Advice for Travellers

The increase in cases of dengue fever in travellers highlights the importance that travellers must be aware of the risk of dengue fever and protect themselves from mosquito bites by taking the necessary precautions.

In light of dengue fever in returning travellers, ECDC re-enforces the advice that those who have visited Madeira and experience febrile symptoms with severe headache, retro-orbital pain, myalgia, arthralgia and maculopapular rash within 14 days of their trip seek medical advice.