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Malaria in Greece (Update)

11 Oct 2012

Since the beginning of 2012 up to 01 October 2012, 59 laboratory confirmed cases of malaria were reported overall in Greece, of which 48 have been classified as imported (43 cases in migrants from malaria-endemic areas and 5 in returning Greek travellers).

The remaining 11 cases refer to patients with no history of travel to a malaria endemic area with evidence that they have acquired the infection locally during transmission period 2012.

The place of residence of the locally acquired malaria cases is as follows: 5 reside in the Municipality of Evrotas (Lakonia), 2 in the Municipality of Marathon, 2 in Markopoulo (East Attiki), one in the Municipality of Avdira (Xanthi) and for one case the place of exposure was determined as the lake Paralimni in the district of Viotia.

Advice for Travellers

The Greek Centre for Disease Control, maintains that the risk of malaria for travellers in Greece is very low. For this reason, chemoprophylaxis for malaria is not recommended for visitors to the areas of Evrotas, Lakonia, East Attiki, Xanthi or Viotia. The use of standard mosquito biting prevention measures is strongly encouraged.