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Yellow Fever in Peru

03 Aug 2012

The media has reported on the death of a young pregnant woman from yellow fever in Peru.

The Director of Regional Health reported the case in the Union Mantaro community, Canayre district, Huanta province, in the Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro river valley, Ayacucho region. This location is a known yellow fever risk area and yellow fever vaccine is free to local residents at all health facilities; the vaccine status of the young woman in not known but thought to be unlikely.

Official confirmation of this case of yellow fever by WHO is awaited.

Advice for Travellers

Yellow fever vaccination is recommended for areas east of the Andes in Peru. The Andes cross Ayacucho region and Huanta province is situated in the far north east of the region. Travellers should also take steps to avoid mosquito bites as this is also a malaria risk area.