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British Behaviour Abroad Report

19 Jul 2012

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has released the annual British Behaviour Abroad Report for 2012.

The report highlights a significant increase in the number of hospitalisations reported to consular staff among British people travelling to popular holiday hotspots including Spain, Greece and Egypt.

Other key findings:

  • Spain is the country where most Britons require consular assistance, including 1105 hospitalisations, but when you take visitor and resident numbers into account, you are most likely to need consular assistance in the Philippines, followed by Thailand.
  • The number of rape cases reported to consular staff increased by 10%.
  • Deaths of British people abroad have increased by 4%.
  • A 10% increase in emergency travel documents issued to people who had lost their passports or had them stolen.

Advice for Travellers

The Foreign Office warns that families face huge bills if they are not covered by travel insurance.