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Legionnaires' Disease in Spain (Update)

29 May 2012

An outbreak of Legionnaires' disease among residents of the Diamante Beach Hotel in Calpe, Costa Blanca was first reported in February 2012.

Cases have continued to be reported and to date, 22 are associated with travel from the UK, Spain, France and Belgium. The Spanish public health authorities continue to lead on the investigation of this incident as the exact source of the outbreak has not yet been identified. The clustering of cases suggests a source within the hotel and the investigation so far indicates the whirlpool as the most probable source of infection.

Advice for Travellers

The risk of Legionnaires' disease for travellers to the Costa Blanca is considered to be low but is higher in those over 40 years-of-age, those immunosuppressed and smokers. Travellers to the area should however be aware that the outbreak is ongoing and should they develop an influenza-like illness with fever, cough or shortness of breath during their stay or up to two weeks after return home, they should seek medical advice promptly for investigation.