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Typhoid Fever in Zimbabwe (Update)

11 Apr 2012

The typhoid fever outbreak in Harare which first began in October 2011, has not yet been contained. New cases continue to be reported from two high-density suburbs of the city.

Most new cases at present are located in Dzivarasekwa and Kuwadzana, areas with a high population count, frequent water cuts and poor waste management. At the height of the outbreak, around 90 typhoid cases per day were being reported from these areas. This number has now fallen to less than 20 per day.

The authorities are engaged in a preventive camaign that includes improved access to safe water, improved sanitation and waste management.

Advice for Travellers

Vaccination against typhoid is usually recommended for travellers to Zambia. Precautions with food and water hygiene is also recommended as the vaccine is not fully effective in protecting against typhoid fever.