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Measles in Russian Federation

06 Mar 2012

Following an outbreak of measles in Chechen Republic, the infection has continued to spread and measles cases are now being reported from 13 regions of the Russian Federation.

A total of 631 cases of measles have reported so far. In total 411 cases (65.1%) were registered in November and December 2011. The incidence of measles, compared with 2010 (127 cases) has increased five-fold.

In January 2012, measles case were recorded in the Volgograd, Belgorod and Novosibirsk regions, the Chechnya Republic and the Stavropol Territory. For the first time in seven years, an outbreak of measles was recorded in North Ossetia (45 cases). In St. Petersburg, according to recent data, there have been 152 cases of measles, and around 300 in Moscow.

Advice for Travellers

It should be confirmed that children have received their recommended doses of MMR at 12-15 months of age and again pre-school around 3 years 6 months, while unimmunised adults who have not had the disease themselves may consider vaccination if thought to be at risk. Two doses of MMR vaccine are required to give adequate protection.