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Cholera in Dominican Republic (Update)

12 Jan 2012

The cholera outbreak in Dominican Republic that began in November 2010, is ongoing. As of December 2011, a total of 21 000 cholera cases and 363 cholera related deaths have been reported.

Advice for Travellers

Cholera is spread by the faecal-oral route. It is mainly contracted by drinking contaminated water or eating seafood, especially shellfish. An oral vaccine is available which may be appropriate in travellers unable to access bottled or adequately chlorinated drinking water.

Travellers to the Dominican Republic should discuss their possible risk with their pre-travel advisor who can advise on the use of the vaccine. All travellers should practise strict food and water hygiene and wash their hands frequently, especially before eating.

Cholera is still considered a low risk for travellers who have access to safe drinking water and who maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and food safety.